Nikola Tesla Meets The Slender Man is now available!

NIKOLA TESLA MEETS THE SLENDER MAN is now available! Be the first on your block to FINALLY understand true happiness!
Yes, the long-awaited new novelette in Tesla’s Electrifying Adventures is available in eBook! (The paperback will be released later this month.) THRILL to the world’s greatest mind battling with the coldest shade the underworld has to offer!
To order this excellent Penny Dreadful: Paperback
05-05-2017 Tesla Meets The Slender Man front cover small or eBook!

NOTA BENE: Complimentary eBooks and postage-only ($3.00) print copies of the present volume will be available to all advance purchasers of the oft-delayed Cthulhu Attacks! Book 2: The Faith; as well as to all Kickstarter supporters of the even-more-oft-delayed Mr Tesla & Mr Darwin Fight Edison’s Ravenous Megalodons Through the Judicious Use of Time Travel & Giant Robots.

Now, I welcome you to please enjoy this excerpt from the opening of NIKOLA TESLA MEETS THE SLENDER MAN.

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Sing along to “Old Age Dirtbag”!

Old Age Dirtbag
(with apologies to Wheatus)
Her name is Mabel
I have a dream about her
Rings my doorbell
Got bingo in half an hour
Oh, how she rocks
In her pressure socks
But she can’t recall who I am