Folderol + Adderall =!

So what be ye in the mood for?
Mayhaps one of these of these delights?

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So what do we talk about when we talk about Hoade?


Photo courtesy of Yog-Sothoth.

Is it true that this “Sean Hoade” is a writer? Like fiction, or stereo instructions, or what?

Excellent question, rhetorical device person! Monsieur Hoade, as he is called in restaurants he cannot afford, is in fact the writer of novels, short stories, and irritating limericks, as well as twee website Q&A constructs.

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2 thoughts on “Folderol + Adderall =!

  1. When will Cthulhu Attacks: The Faith actually be released? Also will it be on Kindle? Not fair to say it will be in December as it is now almost January 1, 2017. Amazon doesn’t have it. What gives?


    1. Hi, James. You’re completely correct — it has been delayed far too often, considering I had originally planned the second book to come out in December of LAST year! This delay hasn’t been because I don’t want to get it out there, believe me — it’s going to sell well in addition to making its readers very happy. And I very sincerely apologize for that delay.

      Unfortunately, a bit of “humblebrag” is needed to explain what’s kept it from being ready. As my profile as an author rose a bit after Cthulhu Attacks: The Fear was released, I started getting commissions, with cash up front, to write a “pulp” novel. That was fun and remunerative, but then I started working on Cthulhu Part 2 again … until another commission was offered, and another, and another, essentially keeping me afloat this past year. The problem is that, as you say, it isn’t fair to keep setting release dates and then missing them for ANY reason, especially because these books are under contract and my publisher has been VERY kind about deadlines. (Of course, this is the same publisher hiring me for the pulp novels, so they understand what’s keeping me.)

      To finally get Cthulhu Attacks: The Faith out of my drafts and into the hands of my readers, I am offering a “pre-order” for $20 that gets the buyer the book in 16 weekly serial installments in eBook format, and then also the finished, re-edited book at the end in both print AND eBook for pre-order folks. (Never fear — serial novels are always constructed to give a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of each installment. This would be smoothed out for the actual novel release.) These installments will start January 21 and will arrive every Sunday until April 30. (The finished book will be out fairly shortly after, once it goes through the final publishing process.)

      My Book of the Month Club members will also get these installments and the final book, but they pay $20 per month for new stuff — books, Penny Dreadfuls, audio, etc. — every month, which isn’t something everyone would want. So I am making this “pre-order” option available (announcement coming on this very blog January 2!) to those who have been very patiently waiting for Part 2 of the Cthulhu Attacks! trilogy.

      If you’re not interested in the pre-order and serialization, I completely understand. The publisher has control over when the final book is released, but I’m thinking they would want it out ASAP, so by June 1st. I’ve given a lot of arrival dates, but haven’t lived up to them, and I’m sorry. One of the nice things about the serialization thing (which I wish I would have thought of a year ago) is that my early messy chapter drafts would HAVE to be rewritten and polished for serialization, and my unwritten later chapters would have to be, y’know, WRITTEN.

      Again, I really do apologize for the unconscionable and repeated delay in the book’s release. I hope this option may help, but whether it does or not, I feel deeply embarrassed about the whole mess.

      Just let me know what you think? I’m at

      Thank you,


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