#PuppyBowlXIV terms you should know


It’s time for the 2018 Puppy Bowl! Tom Gravy of the Pantriots and Lick Folds of the Beagles will be playing hard, so get studied up on the football jargon you’ll need:


Backfield in bowel motion

Clipping (of claws)


Direct Snaps

Neuter zone infraction

Extra Pointer

Flea flicker         


Ill-beagle substitution         

Ineligible retriever downfield

Intentional growling

Neutral bone infraction

No sacks allowed

No-puddle offense

Officials determining exact Spots

Pass interfurence


Pooch kick

Porkchop block

Pug return for touchdown

Pup Warner League


Removing balls from play

Running up the shore


Air Bud Coryell

Unnecessary ruffness

Wildcat formation (not permitted)

Wishbone formation


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