The Top 50 #RoyMooreMovies

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As I continue to attempt stasis, if not recovery, from the Brain Inflammation of Doom, I’m trying to keep my creative juices flowing since I’m not screaming / pacing / kvetching every moment of the day right now. (Thanks go to the Spousal Unit, as usual.)

So enjoy some #hashtag game hijinx! Here’s some #RoyMooreMovies he can enjoy or perhaps star in after he gets done with his romantic Show and Tell Theater date with Cybill Shepherd. Yes, all of these are mine—we here at Sean Hoade, Writer make sure you get premium content … or content at a premium, whichever. Anyway, here’s some #RoyMooreMovies to keep you nice and peeved!

  • The Pederast and the Furious
  • Fast Times at Southside High
  • Deride of the Yankees
  • Not Without Your Daughter
  • Anchorstoreman
  • Around the World Market for Eighty Days
  • Wonder: Woman?
  • Prude, There’s My Car
  • AMC Gremlins
  • What We Try To Do In The Shadows
  • Praise the Lord and Pass the Amateur
  • Plan 9 From Outer Parking Space
  • Mallrat
  • Lincoln (Parked Between the Dumpster and the Wall)
  • The Infirm
  • Get Out
  • A China Wok to Remember
  • And The Banned Played On
  • Midnight In The Kindergarten of Good and Evil
  • A Series of Importunate Events
  • Witless for the Persecution
  • Meet Me at the Five and Dime, Kim and Jean, Kim and Jean
  • Around the World Market for Eighty Days
  • Teen Cup
  • Midnight Panda Express
  • Pretty If Pink
  • Under 18 Again
  • Advise to Consent
  • A Bridget Too Far
  • Grade Runner
  • The Usual Suspect
  • Little Women
  • A Few Good Menses
  • Crimson Tried
  • Training Bra Day
  • Flash Gadsden
  • Pirates of the Banana Republic
  • Macon County Jailbait
  • Dating Young
  • … And Justice For Mall
  • The Dear Hunter
  • This is 32
  • It Follows
  • The Sixth Censure
  • Clockwork Orange Julius
  • Play, Misty, for Me
  • Judge Dread
  • At Play in the Fields of the Lord & Taylor
  • Legal Guardians of the Galaxy Skating Rink
  • Highway 759 to Hell


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