Preorder Cthulhu Attacks 2 and OMG the swag you shall receive!

So, you enjoyed the first Cthulhu Attacks! book, The Fear, did you? Good, good, very good. It was freakin’ awesome, and you’re here, so you’re obviously freakin’ awesome, so this all makes sense.

It’s been a long wait for Book 2, The Faith. But now, O friends, it is about to arrive … in fact, it shall debut at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon in Portland on October 8!

Even better than that is that Cthulhu Attacks 2 will be available for preorder at Rose City Comic Con September 8–10 in Portland (again) and then at Salt Lake Comic Con September 21–23 in (duh) Salt Lake City!

And even more better than that is that you can preorder it RIGHT NOW from the comfort of your own home! (Proof of home ownership not required to preorder. You’re welcome.)

All you need to do is visit the Cthulhu Attacks! Website and click to your heart’s content and buy the hell out of the new book.

But wait! Even more betterer even that THAT that is that, when you preorder Cthulhu Attacks 2 for $20 (which includes the book and shipping), you get, in all modesty, the greatest “swag bag” ever conceived in the mind of man! Okay, of this man, but still—take a gander at what you smart chaps and chippies who preorder get in your swag bag (which you get at the Cons when you preorder or will be mailed to you right away when you preorder at THIS LINK):

  1. the signed paperback and eBook of Cthulhu Attacks! Book 2: The Faith before anyone else;
  2. the eBook and audiobook of Cthulhu Attacks! Book 1: The Fear;
  3. the eBook of my new Hoade’s Penny Dreadfuls novelette, The Emperor’s New Penis;
    •  If you don’t care for a Trump-busting book, no worries—you can choose any of my other Penny Dreadfuls instead!
  4. the eBook and brand-new audiobook of my comic cosmic horror masterpiece, Deadtown Abbey;
  5. If you preorder before midnight this Saturday night (Sept. 2), thou shalt also have bestowed upon thee the eBook and audiobook for my very fantastic but very strange story collection, Inappropriate Behavior!
  6. Cthulhu Attacks! poster;
  7. Vinyl Cthulhu decal for the back of your vehicle or laptop or OH MY THE OPTIONS
  8. A personalized Certificate of Awesomeness;
  9. Swag from a bunch of artists and geeky vendors at Rose City Comic Con and Salt Lake Comic Con! A lot of it, no joke, would look awesome pinned up in your cubicle, office, lair, you name it;
  10. Awesomely cool and collectible Preorder-Only CA2 postcard;
  11. Anything else I feel like putting in there!

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