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Howdy! I am Sean Hoade, bon vivant, zombie expert, fiction writer, speaker, and dedicated Lovecraftian.

So what be ye in the mood for?

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Or mayhap one of these delights?

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So many books for you I am having!

How confident am I in my awesome books? So confident that (whom I love dearly, don’t get me wrong) said I was in violation of their Terms of Service for putting up samples that were TOO LONG! I am a GIVER. Anyway, instead of half the books, I am allowed to post 10% of them, which is still a pretty good chunk and enough to let you know how much you want to buy them. Click on any book to read its sample, and then order it should the mood strike you!

CTH 11733969_745857108856646_818305941_o
actcover teaser RLV front cover for web
Deadtown cover final 04-04-2015 atanewfront1
ddcover1 ibcover1

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